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Support technique

1.The service concept of TCK •W Company

▲ The most important creed of TCK•W is to serve the customer heart and soul

▲ The responsibility is the most basic mode of existence of TCK•W

▲ The profit always lie second in TCK•W

2.TCK•W ensure the after-sale technical support service by the following ways.


3.The company sets up the following after-sale system to meet the customer’s satisfaction.

(1)Customer Training System

Every customer will receive specific training.

There are three training programs held every month in our company, each lasting 3 days. The basic knowledge of wire rope, weak magnetism inspection principle, structure of product, testing standard, wire rope safety management, etc. are taught by experienced lecture mission. The professional engineer instructs the customers to operate testing equipment, answer the all kinds of question asked by customers, making sure that customers operate the device correctly.

The advanced facilities need excellent operation just like the pistol used by the world shooting champion Xu Haifeng must be a good one with the first-rate performance, but it cannot shoot the best score if it is operated by an not well trained strictly shooter.

Our products adopts the currently edge-cutting weak magnetism inspection technology in the world and have unparalleled technical advantage than traditional wire rope tester but only are the correct operation of instrument mastered by users than they can play full role

(2)Three value-added commitments

The service is the extension of products’ value. The TCK•W company is committed to deliver superior value-added service to every customer and put forward three commitments.


(3)Customer Caring System

The TCK•W company establishes service center and sets up after sale service hotline to answer and solve the problems of users’ at any time. It implements the following customer care plans to the current customers at the same time.

★ Compile customer file ;

★ Periodically visit our customers;

★ quick response on customer’s feedback;

★ Periodic Survey on customer’s satisfaction;

★pdate TCK’s news, and information of products periodically.