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1.Replace manual inspection with machine inspection:

TCK•W the original “Magnetic Memory Programming method”, “Weak Magnetic Sensor Technology”, “Machine Vision Recognition Damage” and “Diameter measurement” technology system integration, not only can effectively detect wire rope defects, it totally eliminates broken rope accident!

It solves the "wire rope daily inspection regime", "damage development trend of periodic assessment", "wire rope life cycle phase judgment", "sudden major hidden danger real-time warning" and other long-standing problems in the world non-destructive testing technology. TCK.W solutions not only meet the European and American Steel Wire rope inspection standards of all requirements, but exceeds the standard requirements.

2.Innovation and Breakthrough

TCK.W “Magnetic Memory Programming method” and “Weak Magnetic Sensor Technology”, in the world of wire rope non-destructive testing:

1.Theory Innovation: Spatial Magnet Field Vector Synthesis

2.Method Innovation: Magnetic Memory Programming

3.Technology Innovation: Weak MagnetSensor Inspection

Breakthrough 1: from Qualitative Inspection to Quantitative Inspection

Breakthrough 2: from “periodical inspection regime” to “online realtime high-speed automatic inspection”

3.Technical Principle

3.1 New Discovery – magnet feature of ferro-magnetic materials.

Quantum mechanics proves that in the microstructure of ferro-materials, a material-magnetic domain is arranged intensively. Each magnetic domain has a spin magnetic moment direction. If a certain direction of the magnetic domain is predominant, the material will on the macroscopic scale display magnetism. If the spin magnetic moment in the domain is in a disorderly direction, there is no magnetic expression.

In the natural state, the spin magnetic moment direction of the magnetic domain in the wire rope is disordered, so it is not possible to distinguish the material in normal or defective state by electromagnetic method at this time. Therefore, it is necessary to create a new method to make the ferromagnetic materials correspond to the physical characteristics of the magnetic energy potential state. The magnetic energy potential is determined by the magnetism load.

3.2 Innovation—Magnetic Memory Inspection Method

If the magnetic energy is equal, uniform and continuously distributed along the axial direction of the wire rope, the magnetic energy in any volume element should be equal and uniform. The magnetic field density and the magnetic flux is equal. The given magnetic field memory is formed.

The application of an external magnetic field to a wire rope will change the number of magnetic domains in one direction, so that all the load materials have moderate low order magnetic energy field.Thus a “Magnetic Field Memory" is formed.he “Magnetic Field Memory” is not influence by the external magnetic field, as long as there is no drastic mechanical vibration or high temperature conditions, it will be stable for a long time.

3.3 Weak Magnet Sensor

TCK. W Weak magnetic sensor based on the innovative "Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Synthesis" principle, given weak magnetic field modulation and demodulation, and magnetic memory formation of the physical field. By extracting the memory formation data of ferromagnetic materials, the defects of the steel wire rope can be identified quantitatively.

The weak magnetic sensor has outstanding advantages such as high sensitivity, high resolution, high speed response and no basic noise.

Magnetic Energy Potential: the gradient of the electromagnetic field.Volume Element: The volume differential of the wire rope along the axial direction.

4.4 Variation Characteristics of Magnet Energy Potential

Under the repeated action of pulling, bending, twisting and other mechanical loads, the material microstructure will produce the degradation of wire breaking, abrasion, rust and fatigue, which leads to stress concentration. In the degenerated volume element, the magnetic field can only be arranged along the irregular low energy path. With the flux density, the magnetic energy product distribution appears uneven, and each volume element produces magnetic energy potential distribution difference.

The more serious the degree of degeneration, the more prominent the difference of magnetic energy potential. As long as the magnetic energy potential of the normal volume element memory of the wire rope is calibrated and compared with the other volume element data extracted, the magnetic energy potential difference of the load material can be effectively identified. The quantitative relation between the physical field variable data and the corresponding mechanical bearing performance, and can be used to realize the wire rope flaw quantification.

Through years of intensive and diligent experiment, TCK. W solves the correlation between the physical field variables of wire rope load material and the mechanical bearing properties of the inspected element.

After continuous sampling, through the mathematical analysis model of TCK. W, the difference sample value of magnetic energy potential of each volume element is processed, statistical calculated. The curve wave analysis can clearly reflect the detail defects that affect the mechanical bearing performance of steel wire rope, and also give the equivalent mapping value to describe the risk level of these degenerative features, and provide accurate and objective safe criteria assessment information.

Inspection Test process: Magnetic memory Programming (p)-Calibration (d)-Weak magnetic detection (t)-data processing (m)

4. Innovative Vision Recognition Technology

Machine Vision Recognition Technology is used to replace the human eye and calliper inspection method simultaneously inspect and measure the wire rope defects during high speed operation.

The integration of image processing, artificial intelligence and opto-electronics is used to transform the flaws data into digital signals and stored by the main control system. These features can be extracted by the algorithm to identify the various external defects of the wire rope accurately.

Machine Vision Recognition Technology has outstanding technical advantages in distinguishing and statistically analyse the number of broken wires on the surface of 6d/30d wire rope, measuring the change of wire rope joint and diameter. It overcomes the disadvantage of low efficiency and poor accuracy of manual inspection.

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